Genesis 3:1-24

Enter Sin!

When I first read this chapter of the bible I use to get so angry. Angry at Adam and Eve for disobeying God. Angry at God for punishing me for there sins. I didn’t eat the fruit, and if I was there I know I wouldn’t listen to Satan and be deceived by him. But the truth is I do listen to Satan. I listen to him everyday and more times then not I listen to him over the very word of God.

I think I understand this chapter now, at least for my life and I’m not as angry anymore. It’s quite the opposite now. You life and your decisions have consequences and, especially now the older I get and start a family, do those decisions impact others. My life’s not just about me anymore. Everything I do will impact another human being. Whether is my wife, future kids, family members or even close friends. The way I act and carry myself doesn’t just determine how my day will be. If I have a bad attitude and I’m grumpy and complain of course its going to impact my wife. Your attitude is contagious and no one wants to be around someone so selfish to think that their the only one with problems.

What about my future kids. How will they grow up if the are constantly seeing their dad in a bad mood. Not wanting to try new things. Pissed when life doesn’t go his way. I want them to grow up knowing that they can get through anything with hard work and leaning on the Lord for his strength. I want them to give thanks for each day given to them. So they can be a light to others. This all starts with me and how I start living my life. I’m not God by any means and I can control nothing. I need to learn to be thankful in the Lord always and when things go bad realize that I have a father who will see me through. It starts with my and my attitude and it has to start now.

Is it fair that I’m punished for Adam and Eve’s sins? Maybe, maybe not. But hey “C’est la vie” ” Go with what you got.”. I can’t change it. So time to start living


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