Realizing how blessed you are is an amazing feeling

As I lay here in bed going into the last day of “guys weekend 2010” I’ve realized for the first time how amazingly blessed I am. God has given me wonderful parents, a beautiful wife, a small dog with a big personality and the greatest group of friends I could have ever asked for. Life isn’t without its struggles and challenges. Right now even some of the hardest I’ve ever faced, but I find myself growing happy, feeling content, and understanding grace. After completing the first week of my challenge that I’ve given myself I have already began to feel my heart breaking, my wounds closing and my eyes opening. I love life! I can still get scared, I still have my own personal demons, but God has finally put me at a place where I’ve began to face those demons. He’s brought back old friends. Given me new ones to help out and is constantly reminding me that he is God and I am not. My life has been gutted. Being stripped down to bare essentials. Love, family, friends and most importantly God. I know there will continue to be challenges. Low times will come and I will once again fail at meeting my expectations of handling those challenges. But I’ll be picked back up, get dusted off and hit the trail. Remembering that life’s a journey. A journey where you run when you can, walk if you have to and crawl when you must. We know the destination. Now enjoy the ride.


One Response to “Realizing how blessed you are is an amazing feeling”

  1. Good stuff man, sounds like your “life perspective” is changing a bit 🙂

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