Genesis 5-8

Still staying on track with my journey. I was afraid that with the busy (but fun) weekend the progress had started to make last week would get shoved to the back burner and I’d slowly slip back into old habits. God is good though and once again used Mike as a huge inspiration for me. Its amazing how the things in your life can become distractions taking your focus away from what’s important, but also if you approach it with the right mind frame those same things that once were distractions can become inspiration and motivation to keep striving forward in the right direction. Family, friends, work, endurance. All of these things use to take my time away, kept me distracted from seeking after God. Yet now that I am on this journey they are the very things that motivate me when I really need to stay on track. The ones the give me the inspiration that I needed. Gods using the very things that use to keep me from him to draw me closer to him.

It was fitting for me that the chapters that I read this weekend told the story of Noah. Stories like these use to upset me. Confuse me. But now I see these stories in a whole new light. How they once use to upset me they now bring me hope. I’ve began to see the grace of God. How he is always with us. Protecting us and providing for us. We just need to stop expecting it to be done the ways we won’t. I use to get upset when God would do things his way and not mine. Like my way was better then God’s. Like I knew what to do better then God did. Yet I’m reminded time and time again of men like Noah, Joseph and Paul who let go of what they wanted and let the grace of God take over and how they became more blessed then they ever thought possible. God is God. Sounds simple enough yet I’m just now starting to learn this.


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