Genesis 9:1-29

Defeated. That’s how I feel today. Just trying to survive. Sticking with the journey wasn’t easy today, but I did it. I’m exhausted. Both in body and soul. Praying for rest and hopes I can attack this chapter again before I go to bed.


Hope. Trust. Grace. This seems to be the theme for the first leg of this 3 year journey I have decided to embark on. I continue to learn to lean on the HOPE of God and TRUST in his wonderful GRACE. Throughout the first 9 chapters of Genesis I have time and time again been blown away my Gods grace, protection and love for his people who he repeated reminds were made in his very own image. This is something that God has really been pounding on me about. “Greg you are my child, made in my very likeness. NOW LIVE LIKE IT”


One Response to “Genesis 9:1-29”

  1. Just thought you should know that I love you!! AND, that every morning when I wake up, I rub my eyes, find my reflection in the bathroom mirror, and say “JON, today you will strive to be more like Greg Bashore”.


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