Genesis 10-11 and How i want my outlook on life to be.

“The saving grace is that it is not a race but a journey. I am not concerned about speed or time, just enjoying the adventure”-Rich Roll

This is my new outlook on everything. Life, endurnance, my relationship with God. So many times I let one bad day ruin everything about me. I can never step back and just look at the bigger picture. The bigger picture being that each day is only a small fraction of the bigger journey that is life. Everyday should be lived to the fullest because you never know when the journey will end, but I need to keep focusing on the now and forget what happened in the past. I can’t change the mistakes that happened yesteray. All I can do is focus on the journey at hand. I think of trail racing as a good comparison for my life. If you keep your mind focused on the path you just ran, you’ll never see the cliff you may be running towards. In trail running every step could be your last. There is always a hole, root or rock waiting to end your run. If you are too focused on your past mistakes or even victories you’ll miss the challanges facing you right now. You have to keep your head up, always focuse on what your doing. By becoming aware of your surroundings you can get to a state where you find joy in the challenges.

My relationship with Christ is the same way. I think I’m finally getting to a point where I’m starting. Starting to notice my surroundings. The holes, roots and rocks that are thrown at me to end my journey. I have to keep my head in the now. Not focusing on how good or bad my time was with God yesterday. When I dwell in the past is when I run off the cliff.

Remember it’s a joureny. Which means you do not have to reach the finish line today. But what it does mean is you have to be making strides towards that finish line. The only way to move foward is to look foward and live in the now. Remember yesteray got me to today, but that doesn’t mean that it has to influnce how I handle today. Watch out for the roots an rocks in todays journey. Not yestersdays.


2 Responses to “Genesis 10-11 and How i want my outlook on life to be.”

  1. Best. Post. Ever. So true, bro. I’ve lived this a million times over. Time to start pressing ahead and forgetting what’s behind. Let’s do it.

  2. That comment above was mine. I was signed in to xec-crewx

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