Genesis 12,13 an 14

Well I had my first root or rock along my journey Saturay and I must say that I did not handle it the way I was hoping. It was fitting that after Fridays post that I’d have to man up and see how I took my own advise. Let’s just say not as I had hoped. I was just thinking Friday of how much I have learned already in such a short amount of time and I started to feel pretty good about myself. My first mistake right there. This journey is not about self confience, self gradifcation. This is a journey about myself yes. But one where I learn to humble myself. One where I want to learn seek the glory of God. I’m so quick to praise myself for a job well done. When in reality it has nothing to do with me. I think I just hit my second leg of the journey. I’m glad it has come now. I’m tired of being a selfish person.


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