You only live once but if you work it right, once is enough

It was December 31st only moments before people all over the central time zone would be starting the count down. A count down not only into a near year but also a new decade, yet here I found myself alone, outside, cold and running. Most people were somewhere indoors enjoying time with family and friends, sharing memories of the passing year and hopes for upcoming one. I was outside running. Sure I would be joining them soon for the count down an festivities, but at this moment I was to busy feeling the cold air fill my lungs. See I had decided to run to the party. Everyone else on the other hand thought it was nuts.

Twenty-Six. That’s the number of new years I have lived through. Six. That’s the number of new years eves I can remember celebrating. Two. The number of New Years resolutions I have made. Zero. The number of resolutions I have carried out. But as I ran along the quite streets, I began asking myself “why”. Why was I unhappy? Why did life constantly feel like one dragging day after another? And why ha I let 26 years slip by before I did something about it? I didn’t have an answer, but I decided right then that this year would be different.

The New Year started off right. “THE” Ohio State was playing in the Rose Bowl and I had asked Lauren if we could throw a party and invite our small group over. If anyone who reads this actually knows me they will see how huge of a step this is out side my comfort zone. They day end on a high with my Buckeyes winning and Lauren and I going out for dinner with one of our new friends from small groups, but slowly the excitement of the New Year came and went and life started to return to normal. That is until Jan 26th.

I had been struggling off an on with my relationship with God. Going through moments where I would read my bible several days in a row. Then go weeks without ever opening it. I could never seem to get in the grove. Never knowing where I should start and what I should read. A friend of mine from college does an online bible study daily and I would follow that for a while and it was good. I just always felt like I was following someone else’s story and it wasn’t really my relationship with God. That’s when I realized that there was so much of the bible I have never read. And the only real way to make sure I didn’t miss anything was to start at the beginning. So on Tuesday January 26 I read Genesis chapter 1 and made the commitment to read the whole bible cover to cover one chapter at a time. Thus this blog was formed. It’s not so much a diary or a bible study. It’s about more then the Bible and the one chapter I read a day. It’s about my life and finally living it. It’s about my passions and loves and about how God ties into them all. It’s not about rediscovering life but discovering it for the first real time.

So here are a few things on my list that I’m trying to do each day
•Read my Bible
•Read a book
•Spend sometime outside
•Enjoy family an friends


2 Responses to “You only live once but if you work it right, once is enough”

  1. Good list man! “Put God BACK into my relationship with Lisa” was/is a big one for me.

  2. fairly valuable stuff, overall I imagine this is worthy of a bookmark, thank you

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