Wild At Heart

So one of the things I’ve set out to do this year is watch a little less mindless television and spend more time reading. If you know me in any way what so ever you would know that any time I spend reading is more than I normal do. However, this year I’ve really started to enjoy it and I’m to the point that I do enjoy it more than watching television. I started my first book just a few days before the New Year and as of now I am half way through my fourth book. So far I’ve read “Born To Run” which changed my life in more than just how I view running. Next I read a book about Lance Armstrong, now love him or hate him isn’t important, but we can all agree that he is a man who faces fears and shows what it means to fight to live. Next I read “Ultra Marathon Man: The Confessions Of An All Night runner”. This book was very inspirational for me. Dean is an ultra marathoner who didn’t even pick up the sport until he was thirty. It’s a great book to show you that age is just a number. That your job pays the bills, but how you live your life is what shows if your truly alive or not.

Now the book I’m currently reading is the book that is hitting me the hardest but also the one I’m seeing the most healing in. It’s called “Wild At Heart”. I’m not going to go into detail about it right now, but all I can say is if you’re a guy. Or married to one or have a son. READ THIS book. It’s change my views on so many things.


3 Responses to “Wild At Heart”

  1. Em McAllister Says:

    That’s awesome that you’re getting into reading – keep me updated on any more rockin books you find!

  2. What was the Lance Armstrong book?

  3. The book was call “the worlds greatest champion” or something like that. Excellent read. I have his “its not about the bike” bio I hope to be able to read soon.

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