Genesis 23-28

Do we underestimate God? Is it that God doesn’t speak to us or, are we simply not listening? Giving him the chance to speak?

I’ve read through the life of Abraham, Isaac and now I’m reading about Jacob. And the one thing that I notice time and time again is the interaction between God and man. It’s truly amazing to see how God simply talks to man. Tells them constantly how he is going to bless them. Given them details of how they should live their lives. And constantly making promise after promise to them. Always reminding them how he will bless them.

But where is God talking to me like that? Why don’t I hear him as clearly? I’m sure many of you have heard “well maybe your not listening”. But maybe there’s more to it then that. Maybe I’ve become use to the fact I don’t hear God. Maybe I’ve lowered my expectations of God. I expect him to be silent. I expect my prayers to go unanswered. Maybe it’s not just the fact I don’t take time to lisent. Maybe I stoped believing it Gods ability all together.


7 Responses to “Genesis 23-28”

  1. Good stuff! I’ve been wondering lately that maybe I don’t have a full understanding of God, a full faith IN God. And THAT’S why I don’t “hear” Him like I desire.

  2. That’s something I’ve wondered about myself too.also since I’ve made an effort to try to pray more I’ve been hearing a voice inside my head tell me how foolish it is to talk to myself. Which has me thinking that maybe we also have the same low excectations for satan. Only diffrence is I think he finds joy in us under estimating him.

  3. Yeah.. Satan’s goal is get us to THINK we’re good with God, I truly believe that. He knows that’s much easier then us outright HATING God.

    1 Thessalonians 5:19 says “do not quench the Spirit” Or (in other translations), “do not put out the Spirit’s fire”. God gave us the Holy Spirit, when Jesus was still here on earth he told his disciples that they WANTED him to get out of the way so the Spirit could come in and rock the world. You then see the crazy emergence of the beginning church. I think far too much we DON’T allow him to work in us. We just rationalize everything away until there’s nothing left 🙂


  4. Agreed. Satan is also great at keeping the focus of our walk with god focused on us instead of him. That’s a big battle with me right now

  5. I agree. We take God forgranted. Only half listening (if we listen) to what he said and then putting our own thoughts to the half we hear instead of listening to all that God is telling us. That is when we get into trouble and sometimes disagree and feel God doesn’t understand us and what we may be going through. Not only has our relationship with God been hindered, but those (unbelievers) watching us do not see the need for that relationship. And through that Satan rejoices.

  6. If, by viewing our lives, non-christians don’t see a need for God. Then do WE really have a relationship with God? Is the Holy Spirit REALLY dwelling inside of us if nobody can tell?


  7. Jon good point but one I would chose however not yo use. According to your point you somewhat imply an instant change in someones outward apperance to the world. So just because people can’t look at someone and say “yep he is a christian” means that he is not wrestling with that change in their lives. A change brought on by the whole spirit? I agree our lives should be showing an ever changing reflection of our walk with christ. To say that a believer doesn’t have a relationsip with christ due to nonbelievers our even believers can set our brothers and sisterrs up for a life time of guilt. Guilt is a tool the enemy uses to turn believers against each other. So yes I guess I do disagree that how others view us is a way of showing we have a relationship with god. You forget the enemy tries to keep those in the dark to stay in the dark and is good at cloudying our outward relationship with god viewed by others. To say he doesn’t is giving the enemy exactly what he weants. A lower excpectaion on him.

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