Genesis 38 and 39

“But there in jail God was still with Joseph”

God is always with us right? Nothing new there. No amazing discovery on this one. My entire church life I have been taught that. So why then did the verse stand out to me so much. What made this verse, something I have been taught my entire life, jump off the page and slap me across the face.

What hit me was Joseph. Like I’ve said I have heard this story 100 different times, but today was the first time I saw Joseph like a man. A man who I would not want to mess with. First I use to see him as a scared boy running from his masters wife when she came and tried to give herself to him. After reading “Wild At Heart” I see Joseph not as a small scared boy, but as a man. A strong man with a strength I pray that I have. A man with a strength that allows himself to stand up for his convictions with honor. Then what does he get for that honor? He gets thrown into jail. But did he cry about it? Did he think “this isn’t fair I’m a good person I deserve better than this”. No once again he stepped up and took it like a man. He stayed true to his convictions, the same ones that got him thrown into jail. And there, in all of that, God was still with him. God was with Joseph so much that he even blessed other who were around Joseph. What faith like that must look like. A faith you hold so strong to even when it has brought you pain and suffering. The same faith that God rewards when you hold true to. How I wish I could keep that faith.


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