The Trails

There is this place on one of my favorite trails (well I guess one of the only trails you will find here in Wheaton) where the world seems to make sense.  It’s here where find both peace and fear.  Where I find myself and lose it all at the same time.  As you come up the small hill if you stop at the right place you can see it all, you can see life.  If you stop right there and scan to your right you see the most breath-taking view.  It is not what you would expect though.  It’s nothing!  Nothing but wild open wilderness.  You see talk wild grass and patches of trees.  It looks so, well it looks wild.  As if you are the only person on the planet, and the world is just waiting for you , calling to you.  It’s wild, free and untamed as if anything and everything is waiting for you around every twist and every turn.  It’s primal, barbarian and Tarzan like.  This isn’t some paved road or park created recreational path, this is the wild. God’s play ground.

But that’s not the only view you get on this trail.  In fact it’s the next view that impacts me the most. It’s the view that scares me more than any coyote infested wilderness.  It is the view of….a sub division!  A new subdivision in fact, you can hear the construction works and their hammers, the cars pulling in and out and the hustle and bustle on the modern man. Why does this view scare me? Because I’m realizing that this is the life that I can never truly run away from.  No matter how long I spend on the trail I know that eventually it will end and I will be rejoining that world.  I can never seem to our run it.  Is this the world that God created for us?  Is this the world that men gave their lives for to protect?  Have we lost ourselves? Where is the wild, the adventure or the danger? 

Why do I love this view? It’s because it is more than just a view of my city, it is a view of my life.  The view to the right, the wild, the primal one is the one I run to everyday.  It’s where I escape, where I lose myself, no where I find myself and everything that is right with life.  It’s where God has been waiting for 26 years, waiting to meet me there, for me to see.  But just like the view to the left the moderen world has swallowed me.  It keeps in slowly until if engulfs everything in sight.  It will swallow you whole and you will never even notice.  If you don’t believe me just jump in your car and see how many Starbucks you see before you can even reach the wilderness.  We’ve gained everything; money, power,  and success.  But have we lost in return? How about ourselves, our hearts and our souls. 

What will it take to be free?  To find ourselves?  Ask yourself  if there is something missing in your life.  When was the last time you sat under a tree, ran until your lungs burned for the pure joy of having legs?  When was the last time you did something real, something honest, something pure.  God take me back there, to the wild, to you soul.  I don’t want to gain it all if i lose whats real along the way.


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