Genesis 40-50 (RECAP)

Well I guess I could say that the first mile has been ran. Which for me is always the hardest. I completed Genesis today. I started chapter 1 on January 26 and finished in on March 10. What a ride it was. I have never had so many wonderful ups, horrible downs, doubts, fears or blessings in my entire life.

God has taught me so much I often wonder what else could possible be in store (trust me I’m sure there is quite a lot left to come). I’ve learned that God follows his own time. He does things as he sees fit. I learned that his blessings are more than we could ever hoped for. But my biggest encouragement came in the closing chapters with the story of Joseph. I need to really focus on these last few chapters because I think they are key for the battle ahead.

I’ve got God in my corner, and while that doesn’t mean an easy ride, I know it means I’ll come out on the other side. Dirty scared, maybe even bloodied but defiantly stronger. God give me a spirit like Joseph’s. To trust in you in all situations. Give me his strength to hear you and see you so clearly in my life and bless me with your spirit to guide me through each day. We still have a race ahead of us God, hold my pace steady.

It’s the little moments that he gives me that show me I’m on the right trail. Like the sun breaking through the clouds as that last chapter came to a close. It feels like he’s telling me “I’m proud of you, delight it this, let’s start mile 2”.

The world feels lighter for this brief moment. Like everything is going to be ok. Hard. But ok. Some days weren’t as good. But they are all important.

Thank you.


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