A Morning Of Wake Up Calls

The morning started out different then most mornings do, though I didn’t pay much attention to it. I got to bed about an hour and a half earlier then normal last night and ended up waking up 30 min. Before my alarm. I decided to take advantage of this energetic morning and start early. As I was on my way out to start my 3 mile run I was stopped by a guy who was just finishing up his run. He asked me what I was training for, I thought this was weird because lots of people run without actually training for something. But since I am I told him that I was going to be running the Chicago Rock and Roll Half Marathon. He then told me that he sees me out there every morning “tearing it up” and that I was an “inspiration”. Wow! Someone by running I had “inspired” someone who I have never seen before in my life. That got me thinking real quick about what other areas of my life have people been watching and noticing and are they able to say the same? That I’m an inspiration? Am I putting the same effort in the other areas of my life? Am I “tearing up” my marriage? Am I “tearing it up” my relationship with God? Have people taken notice to the kind of man I am there? Can they say the same thing, am I an inspiration in all aspects of life? Running seemed just a little bit smaller this morning, and it meant everything at the same time.



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  1. WOW!!!

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