I spent some time tonight on the internet. I know, I know not the most productive night of my life, but something just felt right about it. Lauren went over to a friends house for “Girls Night” so I was left to fend for myself. It was a lovely spring night with a nice breeze and the smell of thunderstorms. All of this caused me to open the two big windows in my house and let the smell of the spring air in. I had a soccer game on the tv with the sound turn down. I can’t rememeber the teams playing but that really wasn’t the point of it. Truth be told as much as I love soccer and I’m stoked for the upcoming World Cup, the reasons I normal have a game on may seem, well unusual to the normal person. As many of you may know, in every other area of this beautiful world that so many of us take for granted, the game of soccer is life. Many of you who know me, or have spent any amount of time reading this blog may know that I am a huge patriot of this country of ours. But sometimes I find myself disgusted with our lack of tradition. I’m huge when it comes to tradition. I’ve always thought of myself as a purist in a way. Yes, I believe the National League is far superior to the American League because they have not adopted the Designated Hitter. I believe that college football is head and shoulders above the NFL because of the traditon and ritual behind each Saturday afternoon game. And yes, I believe that even though it is not the case in our country, that soccer is and will always be our WORLDS game.

So what did all this have to do with tonight? Well, nothing and at the same time everything. I’m a man who you could say, enjoys meeting people, but I’m not the best at making new friendships. I have a very small knit group of people that I refer to as “my pack” and its not often that that “pack” grows. Actually, up until very recently that “pack” as been the same size and same people since college. But what all this has to do with tonight is this. I miss my friends. I miss them a lot. I miss long runs with Mike and Kyle. And I miss Tim’s awkwardness yet amazingly giving heart. I mis how Phil can make you seem like your the greatest guy in the world. I miss watching Kyle play FIFA Street on PS2. And I miss laying on Mikes couch at two in the morning while he works on a paper that he waited to start til the night before it was due. I miss my Band of Brothers. It’s why I wake up every morning and go run, because I know that somewhere in Ohio and Italy that Mike and kyle will be running too.

A couple years ago Mike and Kyle took a road trip out here for a “Guys” weekend. It was filled with the normal bordem that the three of us love to do. Run. BBQ. and just be with eachother. I don’t know why this particular memory stands out so much, but it does. It was Sunday after church and we were just finishing up some lunch. It was a beautiful spring day and we had the blinds and windows open and we were just relaxing and enjoying quality conversation and watching a soccer game. I don’t know what draws me so much to the sport of soccer. Maybe its the running? The sense of tradition and pride in your team? Whatever it is I just know that all my friends love it. But this day we just laid around my living room watching soccer and that’s when I realized how blessed I am to have these guys, these men, these fellow warriors in battle on my side. I realized now how much I took it for granted. It’s not until you don’t have something anymore that you relize how much you love something.

What does this all mean? Well its pretty simply. Mike, Kyle, Phil, and Tim…I love you guys like you were my own brothers. I miss you guys everyday. And I pray that God keeps making you into the men I see in you. God used you guys to save my life when I was losing it. You showed me what it meant to love and be loved. You are my heros. So on nights like tonight. When I’m home all by myself and the beautiful warm breezes blows through my front window, I keep a soccer game on the TV because it makes it feel like you guys are here with me. I miss you guys.



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  1. Bro, I miss you too. Can’t wait to see you again. Until then, keep running.

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