Man how life has changed

Inspired by my boy Mike (who looks nothing like the below pictures now and more like a manimal), I thought I would do a little before and after post. 

Before I moved to Wheaton…

I was very much happy and content with how oblivious I was to the struggles of life.  If  you would have told me then that the easiest thing in my life would be my Saturday afternoon 2-3 hour runs I would have laughed at you. Or the idea that I would even be capable of running that long.  I was sure that marriage would be easy, heck how could it be hard I had been dating my best friend for almost 4 years, what more was there to possibly learn about her that I didn’t know.  That I would own a puppy and in a few months be a father I would have probably told you that you were was crazy.  And if you would have said that my relationship with my best friends would grow strong by not seeing each other, and that I would meet a group of people in the area that I could feel the same way about as I did with my friends from college, I would finally think you were drunk.

You see I was scared to death to leave college.  Don’t get me wrong I was very much ready to get married, just would have liked still living in a house with my best friend and sharing a room with Lauren instead of phil and mike (you guys know I love you, but she’s prettier).  I was certain that this was the end for us as friends.  I thought I had made life lasting friends in high school, that we would always be the same guys now that we were then, but our lives changed and we lost touch and grew apart.  Now getting ready to leave college and move to a completely new city I was certain that it would once again happen with my friends from Grace.  I carried a chip on my shoulder because  of it,  refusing to even make new friends because of it.  I also had no real passion in life.  Nothing that would help me get through the tough days.  Growing up as a kid my life was one thing and one thing only…BASEBALL.  But after 4 long hard (and unfortunately losing) seasons, that fire started to die.  I still love the game, and think it’s the greatest game ever, but it’s not like it use to be when I was a kid.  I had nothing, no real interests.  I had picked up running in college, and I ran a lot, 3-4 miles 5-6 days a week, but really it was just a way to keep an ex-fat kid from falling back into old habits, I never really chased after it for anything other than exercise (what a dreaded word).  And with Lauren’s friends all moving back into town, Friday nights got a little boring on girls night.


I can’t believe where my life is, and where it’s going.   I just got off the phone with Mike, somehow our friendship is even stronger now then it was when we lived together. Life has meaning (God) and passion (running) again. At times I feel like that 10-year-old boy who dreamed of baseball, pirate-ships and cowboys and Indians (especially when I’m running on the trail.) It’s been hard to let go, but somehow freeing.  I’m constantly simplifying my life (not to be mistaken with making it easy).  I still got my boys, and I’ve even made new friends, great friends who I know will be in the picture for the rest of my life.  And there’s God and running.  For me the two are tied together.  I’m going to be a dad and while there are things I might have done differently I know God has it the way he wants it.  To the journey.

My Boys

New Friends

The Bean

My Angel



3 Responses to “Man how life has changed”

  1. thanks for putting up a bunch of fat pictures of me, bro.

  2. In response to Mike’s comment. At least you didn’t get cut out of the picture 🙂

  3. I dont know why they did that. On my phone they are normal but not on the computer.

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