For My Dad

Thank You…Thank You For

-Playing catch with me after school.
-Taking me fishing with the guys.
-Letting me watch you shave Sunday mornings before church.
-Loving my mom and showing it on a daily basis.
-Spanking me when I needed it.
-Letting me think I got away with things without you knowing it.
-Getting up at 5 am to go to work so you could come to my baseball and soccer games.
-Letting me watch you BBQ.
-Teaching me how to mow the yard
-Taking me under the hood of the car
-Letting me catch you reading your Bible and praying
-Swearing in front of me and showing me you weren’t perfect
-Hugging me when I needed it.
-Telling me to walk it off.
-Watching WWF (WWE) with me, then wrestling me on the living room floor.
-Not always letting me win in 1 on 1.
-Not letting me stop practicing until I finished on a positive.
-Letting me pick baseball and soccer over football.
-Watching Rocky, Rambo and The Preditor with me.
-Teaching me how to Bench Press.
-Beating me in arm wrestling.
-Letting me make mistakes.
-Never making me feel like I was an inconvenience.
-Being my Dad.


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