Strength and Endurance

Training not to suck at life…Training to dominate life…Training to LIVE life.

If you haven’t noticed, Mike and I like ti write a lot about training. Heck, we talk alot about training to. In fact I think I can safely say it’s all we talk about. In fact I once remember us wasting around 3 hour watching videos of Jason Lester and Rich Roll prepare for the 2009 Ultraman World Championships. I can’t think of a single type of athlete whos training I haven’t read up on (Ok maybe I haven’t checked out the sport of Curling).

My point is this, I am obsessed with becoming better, of learning how to improve myself. Could my time be better spent doing something else? Maybe, but I truly don’t believe so. You see its more then trying to run faster and farther. More than trying to squat heavier and longer. It’s about being better in every area.

You can be stronger physicly until your stronger mentaly. You min can only be as strong as your heart. And your heart will be weak if your soul is weak. That’s where it all begins. With the soul! And that’s why I can safely say that Mike and I talk about nothing but training. Because no matter what the conversation is about, the subject, the mood, ultimatly it’s always about one thing. IMPROVING, and the one thing we’ve learned is the training sessions on the trail or in the gym are by far the easiest. Don’t believe me? Trying sitting by a pond tomorrow with your Bible and a notebook with the intention to go balls out until you meet “Pukie” and tell me what’s easier. It’s not just about the physical. Turn off the TV and pick up a book. Get off facebook chat and talk to a friend face to face.

You want reality TV? Pick up the Bible!


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