Philippians 1-4

Meanwhile, live in such a way that you are a credit to the Message of Christ.

For the past two weeks our small group has been reading through the book of Philippians. We have been going through a series where we are trying to work through Bible and figure out how to read it for what the author’s intention was. So this morning I was reading through the first chapter and hoping GOD would just open my heart to one small verse or sentence that would poke at my heart and soul and really make me think about me as a person. My character and the way I live a life I claim is for GOD in a fallen world.

He did just that.

Meanwhile, live in such a way that you are a credit to the Message of Christ.

My purpose for this blog has never been to be a platform for teaching. To be honest I don’t know enough about the Bible to do that and I really don’t enjoy teaching either. The purpose has always been to given an honest look at my life so I can keep moving forward and growing into the man I believe GOD is shaping me to be.

Which, is why I believe GOD made this verse stick out so much more to me today then it did the other days I read through this book, it’s been a long hard week. And for personal reasons it’s going to be a long hard month and I know for me personal I can get side tracked. Lose focus for what my true purpose is. It’s so easy to become selfish in the world we live in today. I often find myself think “what have I done wrong to deserve this string of bad luck”. Or “what do I get out of this situation”. And I know for a fact that at those moments (and there is a lot of them) I am not living a life the represents the gospel. I’m not living a life that makes Christ attractive to the world. I forget that’s my purpose. That there is an eternity after this world ends and I can have influence for that eternity.

How would I live my life differently if I could constantly remember that I can help the outcome of eternity?


One Response to “Philippians 1-4”

  1. I agree with you. Not about you but about me. I have been feeling some of the same short comings in my life too. I want it to be more about Him and it seems the more I try to make it about Him, I end up making it more about me. The harder I try to get into my Bible each day, the more distractions I face and then often fail. At least I feel like I am failing, not only Him but me. See there I go again, with the me…..

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