From My Boy Kyle’s Monthly Newsletter

Hope you don’t mind Kyle, but you words are so true.

Born in the USA! Born in the USA!” blared from the speakers of the car and the three Italians sang loud in their best pronunciation of Bruce Springsteen’s fam-ous lyrics. Why would Italians know that song or even care to sing the lyrics one might ask? The answer is simple; American culture = cool! As much as the other nations might disagree with our politics or our economics or how we treat the environment, a lot of them, especially the youth, find adopting parts of our culture irresistible. The most blaring adoption of our culture is on the television with shows such as The Family Guy, American Dad, MTV, South Park, reality TV shows, and of course the Simpsons. I know several students here who plan their lunch so that they can eat and watch the Simpsons at the same time. Hollywood has also made a huge impact, and whenever Italians talk about the USA, they always talk about New York and Los Angeles. Without knowing it, we have reshaped the future of cultures around the world.

As I was thinking about that this past month I noticed something else interesting within my own apartment. I think almost all of you know that I like to run and eat healthy as a way of life. They are both things that are a part of me as much as my faith in Jesus as the Son of God. One day I opened my fridge to find that one of my roommates had copied me by buying the same kind of food I have been buying. He and one of my other roommates have been trying to eat heal-thier and exercise more frequently because of the example I live. (I wish they would pick up on my example of cleanliness but that’s another story.) Seeing the food in the fridge made me smile a little at first, but then I began to ask my-self, “Why is it that without me saying anything to them they have chosen to make this life changing decision? I live my faith out with them just as much as my fitness, and yet I don’t see any interest towards Jesus on their part.” It really caught me off guard and made me question the way I live out my faith. I trust and believe that God wants me here because he continues to deepen my rela-tionships with my friends and he gives me many opportunities to speak His truth into their lives, but it still left me wondering if there is anything that I could do differently or better. Have any of you ever noticed friends or family shape their lives after your example, but yet not trust that what you say about Jesus is real-ly the truth? For me, my fitness and my faith are inseparable, but my roommates have chosen one and excluded the other. Why? I have a couple answers, and the first, I think, goes back to the first paragraph. Looking good and being fit = cool! Loving Jesus and really living your life following him = not cool. In a post-Christian society Jesus is old news; now we only live for ourselves. The second answer is that being fit is something tangible. All I have to do are these exercises, lose this much weight, have 6-pack abs and I can consider myself fit. A relationship with Jesus is freely and graciously given to us in spite of the fact that we don’t deserve it. There is nothing that we have done to gain it, and nothing we do will ever make us worthy of it. For most people that’s just too sim-ple; nothing is free. So the world adopts those things that are cool and tangible leaving aside the one thing that is the most important, the one thing that will truly change their life beyond what they could ever imagine.

I’m not sure if there’s anything I can do about this aside from con-tinuing to live out my faith and praying that God would show my roommates that always seeking the cool and tangible will eventual-ly leave them empty and that only He can provide what their searching for, only He can make them whole. Pray with me!


Please keep my brother Kyle in your prayers.  He is doing some great things for GOD’s Kingdom.


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