Waking the Dead

“It’s not hust that the Cross did something FOR us. Something deep and profound happened TO us in the death of Christ. Remember-the heart is the problem. GOD understands this better than anyone, and he goes for the root. GOD promised in the new covenant to ‘take away your heart of stone.’ How? By joining us to the death of Christ. Our nature was nailed to the cross with Christ; we died there, with him, in him. Yes, it is a deep mystery-‘deep magic’ as Lewis called it-but that does not make it untrue. ‘The death he died, he died to sin once for all…In the same way, count yourselves dead to sin’ (Rom.6:10-11). Jesus was the Last Adam, the end of that terrible story.

You’ve been far more than forgiven. GOD has removed your heart of stone. You’ve been delived of what held you back from what you were meant to be. You’ve been rescued from the part of you that sabotages even your best intentions. Your heart has been circumcised to God. Your heart has been set free.”


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