Growing Old

I know it seems weird, but the thought of growing old has been on my mind for the past few weeks. I know it may seem weird for a guy in his 20’s to be thinking about becoming an old man, but never the less I have been. The thing is though, it’s not in the way you would probobly think. It’s not with fearfull eyes and a heart of worry, but with this odd sence of excitment.

When I was young(er). I never thought I would grow old. But now that I’m on the other end of twenty, with my own house, responsiblities and my first child on the way, it became very clear that while I may not have each the full wisdom of my years I am no longer some know nothing kid. When did i start to envy my elders? What exactly is it that I even envy in the first place? I’ve been thinking about my Grandpa Westfall lately. He passed away when I was around nine or ten so i have spend most of my life in a world that hasn’t known him then one that has. But what I do remember is a man who had a very full life. A life not without it’s hardships (2 invasions during WWII. Waking up every morning before dawn to work the fields for a living. And not to mention me as a grandson), but a life I would be very proud to have lived myself. I don’t remember much about him and the memories I do have come from his last few years of life and battling many types of illness. But I never remember him looking defeated, that his life had some huge regret because he never climb Everest or wrote the Great American Noval. He was happy with his life. I think he actually found his joy not by doing something great but by teaching me so I could. You see my grandpa never treated me like a child, that doesn’t mean he didn’t let me be a kid. What I mean is if there was something that needed done on the farm, or built in the workshop, he always brought me along. Teaching me. Letting me help him cut the wood. He never got mad when I screwed up, we just would start again.

As I’ve grown I’ve come to really miss my grandpa. The other night Lauren and I was talking and I was telling her how much I wish I had someone older and wiser that I could sit with and just have them teach me. Someone who had experinced everything life had to offer. Every up and down. Someone whos Bible was as worn as his face.
The first person I thought of was my Grandpa.

I know longer fear growing old, but welcome it because if I can endup like half of what my grandpa was then I know I can look back on my life with a smile and know I lived it for all it was worth.



3 Responses to “Growing Old”

  1. Hm, good thoughts. Thanks for sending over the link to your blog!

  2. T.Bailey Says:

    Hey dude, that’s been on my mind too… especially with this new job & all. Looking @ my life and seeing where i’ve come from and where i’m heading is sometimes scary. I also wish i had someone to “teach me the ropes” as i go through them, ya know? someone like you’r talkin about.
    Anyway, thx for sharing bro’!

  3. Appreciate your thoughts and comments Greg. I miss him too. Just recently I needed to know how to do something, AND AS I was telling your Dad that I would ask (my) Dad, I realized I couldn’t. It will be 15 years in August, since he went to be with God. He was a fighter. A peaceful fighter, if there is such a thing. He loved farming. I heard him say that “farming was the Best life”. He also said “Where there is life there is Hope”. He loved His family. I have several things about him that I want to share with you this weekend. Love You

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