Birthday Prayer

I think most of all I thank you. I thank you for all the horrible, trying, awful things I’ve gone through this year. I thank you for walking side by side with me every step of the way. For teaching me to become a man, a real man, not what this modern American idea of a man is. I thank you for moving in me. For doing something so drastic to wake me up and grab my attention. I thank you for making me work for this relationship, for making it hard, frustrating, wonderful and real. For giving me my best friends through this and for become a best friend. For not making the Bible some book but making it you that I can carry around with me everywhere I go. FOR WAKING ME UP! Making me live again. Or live for the first time. For starting to open up my eyes, my real eyes, my hearts eyes. For showing me that eternity started all ready. For being a powerful GOOD GOD and for being CHRIST. For dying for me. For showing me what true manhood really is. I have a long way to go. I know there will be ups and downs, peaks and valleys. I’ll be angry with you, I’ll thank you, be confused by you and awakened by you. But we will do it together. Give me my direction this year. Mark my path before me. Make it fun. Let it have adventure, some tough times, and lots of love, friendship and heart moments. A couple soul runs thrown in there too would be nice. Teach me to be a father now. Rise me up to be a king, and stand with me. I have nothing to fear. For what can happen to me with you by my side. And with the strong GOD LOVING brothers and sisters you’ve given me. We will live life for you this year. We will make your glory know. Thank you.


One Response to “Birthday Prayer”

  1. Amen bro

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