What Does That Stupid Blog Title Mean?

When I started this blog I wanted to find a name for it that really showed what my life is about right here, right now.  This past year has been about growth. It has been about finding, inventing, and discovering who I was as a man.  It has been about Becoming A Cowboy. 

I don’t know what it is exactly about the Cowboy that so intrigues me, maybe it’s the little boy in me that always refused to grow up.  Maybe it’s the man in me that always wants to prove there’s more to me then what I am now.  Whatever it may be it is now the theme of my life’s journey.  Journey, maybe that has something to do with it as well.  I’ve always liked picturing my life and my “walk” with God as more of a journey then and actual walk.  More like a cattle drive across the western plains then a walk in the park. A journey full of rolling hills, challenges, adventures and most importantly relationship. That’s because I view friendship as a total dependence and reliance on each other, instead of people that are “Fun” to hangout with.  And that is the same relationship I want to have with God.  I’ve learned of God as a Creator.  I know him as master of all, now I want to meet him as friend, counselor, as my personal guide. I want to have a dependent relationship with him like I have with my friends, like the western cowboys had with each other on those cattle drives. I want realness. 

So I guess that is what it means to me to become a cowboy. It means to become real. It’s about making sure my relationship with GOD is as unique and personal it is with all you who read this blog. I want it to be like those old cattle drives. Unbearable heat, threatening thunderstorms, and a beer by the fire at night with real friends, real conversation and maybe a few restful nights sleep.


One Response to “What Does That Stupid Blog Title Mean?”

  1. Good stuff man!! I miss your face

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