It’s been a good and bad week.

How can the same week be both great and bad. For those of you who read this I am a huge football/futbol/soccer fan. I think it’s one of the greatest games. Last Friday (6/11/10) was the kick off of the FIFA World Cup, a 32 team tournement held every four years to decide which country as the best squad on the Planet. It’s a great time to see all these countries of the world come together in peace for fun, celebration and a little football. I’ve been blessed enough to be able to to stay up to date on everything thats been going on throught the tournement. And its been fantastic. The summer of the World Cup has always been my favortie summer, but this week has just been down right horrible and I didn’t know why until today.

What do you do when the very thing you want to get better at and work on in your life, is the one thing you have no desire to do? That has been me this week with my journey or life with God. Last week was amazing. Everything felt right. I started every morning off with prayer, and because i wanted to talk to my friend and God, not because I had to. And I was spending the day in his word because I wanted to hear from him just as bad. But this week that desire I had is gone. I found myself playing catch up on my reading today and not because I wanted to but for the fact I was far behind. That is not the way I want to read the Bible. I don’t want to read it because I have to get my reading in. I want it to be because I want to spend time with my Lord, my friend, my guide. I want to talk to him, not pray, I want to listen to him, not read. I want this to be a relationship, not a religion. All this to say im frustrated today, this week. But tomorrows a new day, and God and I will try this again. Luckly he doesn’t get as frustrated with me as I get with myself.


5 Responses to “It’s been a good and bad week.”

  1. Praying for you bud – every time I flip to the World Cup I think of you and Mike :). But yeah, always remember that a new day is a new start and a whole new chance with God.

  2. I totally understand.

  3. I hear ya. Sometimes I think, though, that reading and praying and building up that relationship even when you don’t want to/feel like it demonstrates an even greater commitment and love. I mean, making sacrifices for someone is a pretty clear act of love, right? Even if the sacrifice is one of time and of surrendering your will. Just something I’ve thought from time to time when I struggle with that same feeling…!

  4. thanks sharon. i hope so

  5. Love ya Man!!!!!

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