Running And Our Walk.

As the days tick down and leave Mike and I with only a few weeks left before we toe the line at the start of the Chicago Rock ‘N Roll Half Marathon, I can’t help but think back to how it all began and how it undoubtedly changed my life. It was a Monday and exactly this time of year (give or take a couple of weeks), and I was sitting on my couch with my brother Kyle after we finished up one of our epic runs we always do when we get the chance to spend time together. I had just started some pretty big life changes and having Kyle out here for a few days really helped save me. Going off on a tangent real quick, If any of you get the chance to meet, talk to, or become friends with this man you will not be disappointed. He is a savage man of GOD that you want to have in your corner. Anyway, we were sitting there and he asked me if I was ever planning on doing a marathon? I told him that of course I would love to, but I just didn’t know if I had it in me. Well, needless to say he made me promise that I would at least seriously think about doing a half marathon by this time next summer (which is now this summer). I agreed, and then never thought about it for another 6 months (I must give you guys a disclaimer now and inform you that I have previously ran a half marathon before with my wife back in 2008. However, I did not take my training or the race serious and ended up being very disappointed with my finishing time).

Fast forward to the first of this year. My brother Mike regained a renewed spirit for running that past fall and encouraged me to read the book “Born To Run”.  Since I made the New Years resolution to try to read one new book a month this year, I thought there would be nothing better than to start with his suggestion. I was not disappointed, and I highly recommend any fan, or person who would like to become a fan, of running to go out and by this book.

I finished reading the book just in time for a guys weekend with Mike. This is the now epic weekend where the Soul Run was invented and ultimately where my life took the biggest turn it has made since the last epic weekend I had with Mike (the weekend back in 2003 where I decided to take my life back and lose about 70 pounds). Well, like that weekend this weekend also gave me something back…My Soul! As our weekend of running, praying, and strengthening (Mike is also a savage for Christ that you want in your corner, and I’m honored to call brother) came to a close I remembered the challenge that Kyle gave me. I asked Mike if he was interested in running the half marathon with me, and just like that we were signed up and began pounding out our miles.

Now that you know how I arrived at this point, I would like to tell you why. I have always struggled with having a relationship with my Savior.  Not a “I believe in God” relationship, but a complete dependance on him and to walk side by side with each other in everything I do. Well, this year has been all about that for me and it hasn’t been the easiest thing I have done. But then I started thinking about racing and how my entire journey with GOD has been like a race.  I remember when I first became a Christian. I remember the excitement, the freedom and the wonder of “what will happen?”. It is a lot like the start of a race where you feel fresh, nervous and excited about whats going to happen and you feel like your feet can take you anywhere. The only problem is once the race starts and the excitement of those first couple miles wear off you fall into a sort of “comfortable” pace. Where you’re just moving, not really aware of whats going on around you and thiscan be very dangerous if you’re not paying attention to your body. You can forget to hydrate, get your calories in and you can crash. Just like in our walks , we can become comfortable, just going with the pace of life forgetting our hydration (the bible) and our calories (Christ). That’s when we crash.

The problem with both racing and our life’s journeys is the fact that low points are going to happen. You can’t stop them. You’re gonna want to give up, stop and drop out of the race. But, this is when you must keep going. You must push forward. It will get better, your legs will beat your mind and the acid will work out of the muscles and your legs will come alive again. It’s important to take advantage of this time, in both racing and in our walks with Christ. Use these moments where you feel the strongest to go hard, make up lost time, and to strengthen your body, mind and heart for the next low point of the race. It will come and you will need to be as prepared as possible for it.

I’m in a low time right now, but I’m going to keep running. Making sure I take in my hydration and calories even when I don ‘t want them and I will ride out this low point and I’ll make up lost time when I break through.  I will use this timeto get stronger. Because Satan likes to throw hills in the race.

Keep running.


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