I don’t run to bring glory to GOD, it’s really not about that for me. I don’t do it as my open testimony to the world of how great GOD is. I don’t go run so the world can see the glory of GOD through me. I run because that’s where he meets me, where he teaches me and shows himself to me. It’s where I struggle and suffer physically so that when I’m done he can make me grow spiritually. It’s after those great runs that he’s lead me on that I get “IT”. That I figure out whatever “IT” is he’s been trying to show me. It  doesn’t happen after every run. Some times it takes a couple, sometimes weeks and sometimes months. It’s because he isn’t a quick fix an easy answer to my problems. A true walk; a true journey with him is full of as many ups and downs, heartaches and pains, highs and lows as the run itself. And that’s when I get “it”! That’s when I figure out the “THING” he’s been showing me this time. And it’s when I figure it out, when I start putting it into my life, my journey through the world WITH him. That’s when I bring him glory. That’s when the worlds sees him in my life. I don’t run to bring GOD glory. I run so he can teach me to be his glory.


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