Let’s Get Our Hearts Back

I want my heart back. The very treasure that GOD himself has given me.I’m tired of being reminded that I am a sinner. Like i need thereminding. It’s everywhere around me. So why is it still the focus ofour message to each other as believers?  Why are we so quick to remindeach other how we always coming up short?  Is this the message GOD sentJesus to die for? To waste his life to remind us how sinful we are?Yes, it’s true that we are born into a world of sin. Yes it is true thatwe all fall short. Which is exactly why Christ suffered like he did.Because we couldn’t recapture our hearts without him. How many timeshave we heard that your hearts is the dwelling place of the spirit? Nowhow often do we believe it? I know I hardly do. But can the spirit ofGod live in company with sin? Certainly not, then what does that say ofour hearts? That restored by God through the death of Christ, are heartsare good. When was the last time we reminded each other of how ourhearts are good through Christ’s blood? How often do we remind eachother that we are not simply sinners saved by grace, but heirs to Heavengiven a heart just like Jesus.I wonder how much more we could shine as the Church if we reminded eachother how are hearts are made holy and rightous through the resurectionof our Lord, instead of always reminding each other how we are sinners


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