Sometimes The Teacher Needs To Be The Student

A few weeks ago one of my best friends came to me after years of tryingto workout on her own and with trainers, but to no avail. She neverreached the goals she wanted to reach and has been fighting chronic backpain for as long as she can remember. After seeing what her old programsand trainers had her doing, I’m more surprised shes not worse off thenshe is. So on Mondays we meet up and we work on form, programing and whywe are doing what we are doing. Well this past Monday we had aconversation and she told me how she doesn’t like the rest periodsbetween her strength sets. She says they are too long and that she getsbored waiting. I explained to her the reason behind and that it’simportant for her to follow the program and the results will come. Wellthis is where my wake up call comes into play. You see when I am ateacher I am very patient and I’m very good at seeing the whole picture.But when it comes to being a student I’m just like everyone else. I havemy goals and I want to reach them now. So now here i am with my thirdpulled muscle in my lower back in less then one year and I only havemyself to blame. Why is it that I can not have the same patiets formyself that i have for others. I think this plays into all areas of mylife. I need to start living out the very things in my life that ipreach about being important. This extends way beyond the weight room.Back to the drawing board.


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