What I believe

-I believe in the cleansing blood of Christ

-I believe that God wishes to live life with us, not for us.

-I believe THE Ohio State Buckeyes are the greatest football team of all time

-I believe that baseball saved me from getting into any “real” trouble while I was growing up.

-I believe that sin is what makes relationship work. Otherwise they wouldn’t be work (thanks for that insight Gary)

-I believe that I will alway love Lauren Bashore.

-I belive that christians are one of the biggest causes of atheism in the world. Because most believe with their mouths,but not their hearts.

-I believe that any man worth anything should be able to deadlift 2x his bodyweight

-I believe I learned more about the love of Christ in the dorm rooms of Beta then I did in any bible class I took.

-I believe I am the way I am because at theage of 16 i discovered punk rock.

-I believe in love and friendship

-I believe that if you want peace in life then you must prepare for war.

-I believe every man should own a dog.

-I believe that Slayer, red meat and whole milk are the backbones to any productive strength program.

-I believe men should never wear skinny jeans.

-I believe everyone should spend as much time outside and camping as possible.

-I believe people should read more and watch tv less.

-I believe God isnt always nice, but he is always good.

-I believe growing old is something that is earned through hardwork, mistakes, love and friendship.

-I believe every man should grow a beard once in his life.

-I believe that I have alot more to learn.


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