Chapter 1 Part 3

“Before he promised us life, Jesus warned that a thief would try to steal, kill, and destroy it. How come we don’t think that the thief then actually steals, kills, and destroys? You won’t understand your life, you won’t see clearly what has happened to you or how to live to live forward from here, unless you see it as BATTLE. A war against your heart. And you are going to need your whole heart for what’s coming next. I don’t mean what’s coming next in the story I’m telling. I mean what’s coming next in the life you’re living. There are fewthings I know, and one thing I do know is this: we don’t see things as clearly aswe ought to. As we NEED to. We don’t understand what’s happening around us or to us or those we love, and we are practically clueless when it comes to the weight of our own lives and the glory that’s being…held back.

Some of you don’t see it yet. That’s all right. We have a whole book ahead of us. If it’s true that there is a great and fierce battle unfolding all around us-and against us-why isn’t the enemy more visible? And if there is glory to my life, well, then, why don’t I see THAT? Why do I struggle so much, and where is that life God offers?

We don’t see clearly because we don’t seewith the eyes of our heart.” (pg. 18, Waking the Dead)

For me personally, in my life, I feel Satans biggest weapon against me is mediocrity. Just getting by, surviving, and wondering when life will start. His greatest attack on me is convinsing me that I’m not in the game yet. It’s so subtle, so low key that I often don’t even see that I am being attacked. It’s so easy to think of Satan and thing “red horns and pitch fork” doing all these mean and horrible things, when in reality I think his biggest weapon against us is his abilty to blend in and go unnoticed. We expect this great big attacks against our lives,which I believe happens and that he does do that, but for the most part it’s just convincing us we aren’t in the game of life. That we don’t deserve to be. As Eldredge puts it, “we have a fog over our eyes”. That is his first weapon against us, and most of the time the most powerful. Keep us distracted as long as possible.

The first step is realizing that your vision is blurred. It’s taken me about a year on this journey to realice that. The second step is learning to see with the eyes of our hearts.


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