I promise to teach you how to throw a curve ball, tackle a man in open field, and to deadlift. I promise to check your home work everynight even though I’ll have no idea what your doing. I’ll teach you to shave, wear flannel, and buy you cowboy boots. I promise to go to every little league game possible, and hit you ground balls in the back yard. I promise to take you camping, allow you to track mud through the house, and let you play in the woods with bena. I promise to teach you the diffrence between Rugby League and Rugby Union and sit there and try to figure out Aussie Rules Football together. I promise to pray with you, for you and to sit there and just feel the wind blow. I promise to introduce you to Drag The River, Black Flag, and Social Distortion. I promise to watch Ohio State football with you, teach you to insult Michigan Wolverine fans, and let you know its ok to yell out O! H! I! O!. I promise to let you fall down, scrape your knees, make mistake, and get into trouble.  I promise to learn to be a man with you, to pry into your life, and tell you “no” when you need it. I promise to let you like any sports teams you want, as long as they are The Ohio State Buckeyes, The Cincinnati Reds, and The Cincinnati Bengals. I promise to love you.


One Response to “Jack”

  1. I wish I were Jack..

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