Chapter 2 Part 1

“The lesson from the story of the Emmaus Road-the lesson the whole Bible is trying to get across-begins with this simple truth: things are not what they seem. There is more going on here than meets the eye. Far more. That is Eternal Truth Number One.” (Waking the Dead pg.29)

Eldredge begins the second chapter of his book by showing us Morpheus and Neo’s first interaction together from the move “The Matrix”. Here Morpheus asks Neo if he would like to see the “Real” world, or to keep living in the Matrix. He goes on to show us how our lives are not that much diffrent, that we live “in won world with two parts, one part that we can see and one part that we cannot” (Waking the Dead pg.29)

He is setting us up to show us that we are at war. That since the day we were born we have been at war and we will be at war until the day Christ returns.

It’s so easy for me to get so caught in right here, right now. What’s going one in my life now. And it’s so easy for me to miss God in all of it. Lately life has been so overwhelming, work, family,friends, trianing, Jack being born. I get so tired and God is always the first thing to go. The thing is, everything else in my life falls apart when that happens, and I know it before it happens, yet it doesn’t stop me. I need to remember that there is so much more then my life right here and now. I live in one world with two parts, yet they affect eachother so much.


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