Believing Is Just As Important

If you follow this blog at all you know by the weekly recaps, that training is more than something I do to stay in shape. It’s as much a part of me as breathing. In fact next to God and my family it’s the most important thing. I think about it constantly, I’d talk about it constantly if it didn’t annoy just about everyone in my life, and I read about it constantly. It’s who I am, to steal a quote for Dan John (and tweak it a little) “Hi my names Greg Bashore, and I lift weights and run trails”.

For my first 3 years after college, I became a personal trainer at a small private studio. At first I was excited. I mean everyday I get to wake up, go to a gym and listen to weights being knocked around, people getting stronger, and reaching goals they set for themselves. But I soon realized it wasn’t going to be like that. I didn’t believe in the training I had to do. I didn’t believe in the product that I had to sell. I mean how can you sell and advertise a product that you yourself would never use and you knew wasn’t getting anyone stronger. So after three years I left the personal training world and I have never looked back.

That is until recently when a friend came to me after several fail attempts at reaching her goals. This got me excited. Everyone knows my passion for training and the weight room so the though of taking someone who gave me full control, said they would do anything I asked, had me stoked. So here is a little update on my friend.

On day one I decided it was going to be nothing but the basics. So, after a lengthy lesson (which she picked up perfectly) in the dead lift, I had her work up to an easy set of 5 at a weight of 105. Well, 2 months later we decided to see just how strong she is. And after not one a squat workout, but also a dead lift workout, we loaded up the bar to try a few singles. She, with ease, pulled 160. Only 2 months of just straight up, squatting, pressing and pulling, she dead lifting 160 pounds (I’m fairly confident she has at least another 10-15 pounds in her since this was done after her workout as I mentioned above). Mix that with some hardcore hill and stair sprints a few times a week and she is stronger, leaner, and having fun in the process. Very few people (guys included) would have the guts to do a workout with her.

Goes to show what you can do when you believe in what you’re doing.

Good Job B.S. Keep moving forward.


One Response to “Believing Is Just As Important”

  1. As long as I have you LB to push, forward is the only way to go…

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