Is All Hope Lost?

Where have we gone wrong as a society? At what point in our lives do our souls finally have a price? When does it become ok to trade love, respect, tradition for profit? When did we forget that our last names repersent more then just us?  Maybe I’m just to old-fashsion. Maybe I’m out of touch with reality, too simple minded. I mean its all about the paycheck right?  Isn’t that the reason you first picked up a baseball bat when you were five years old?  The reason you strapped in that football helment for the first time? The money. You remember sitting there as a 5 year old watching the Nasty Boys destroy the Oaklawn A’s and thought to yourself “I wonder how much their paycheck is?”. Its why you woke up every Saturday morning to watch those boys in scarlet and gray. To see what type of deal they signed in the NFL.What happened to love? Love of the game, love of life?  Maybe the ones who deserve the big signing bonuses, the shoe contracts, all the endorsement deals are the kids. The kids who do what they do because they love it. The kids that do what they do because its just as easy as breathing. The thing is, the ones that deserve it, the ones who truly know how to represent the sport, or life, are the ones who can’t be bought. There is no money in the world that could afford my Berry Larkin jersey when I was eleven years old. No price was high enough for me to sell my district championship medal. Why? Because its mine, its my families. I earned that. I earned that with the countless hours fielding ground balls in the back yard. The thousounds of swings off the tee. It was something I could be proud of. That my team could be proud of and my family could be proud of.I am almost 28 years old and I still bleed scarlet and gray when you cut me open. I feel every emotion of every snap of every play. I’m proud to be from the state of Ohio and even more proud to wear my Scarlet sweatshirt in the state of Illionis. Unfornuantly, one day I’ll have to explain to my son that some peoples pride can be bought. That there is a price for tradition. That some people think their last name only represents themselves.They don’t understnad how their actions affect other people. Congrats! You have a few extra dollors in your pocket, and there will be a few extra trash cans with jerseys thrown in them. I hope it was worth it


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