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Becoming Cowboys is my blog I stared as a way for me to keep a written account of my journey through the life God created for me. It gives me a place to keep my thoughts and memories so I can see where I have came from, where I am at, and where I am going.

Becoming Cowboys is simply my way of describing what I see as the finish line at the end of the journey of life. Which is simply authentic manhood in the way Christ designed it to be. I use the term Paleolithic as a way to show a continuous effort to change the focus of life from things I want, to things God desires me to need.
Basically its my way to talk about the things I enjoy.
-Life: My family and friends and the time spent with them.
-Power lifting and Running: my two biggest passions (which I’m aware couldn’t be more opposite from each other in the realm of the physical world) outside of my family. As well as a place to recap my training sessions.
-Walk with God: the growth of my friendship and dependence on him.

Throughout the blog I also talk about other passions that make up my life. Football (all forms: Soccer, College,Rugby), Music, and The Ohio State Buckeyes (which could fall under football, but its so much more). But the theme will always be life and my decision to always be moving forward.


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