I’ve become more aware the last few weeks of the importance of relationships and friendship in a persons life. We were never meant to walk through this life alone. Over the past few days I’ve been able to spend so very good alone time with God as both a father and a friend and learned how to love him separately for each relationship. I’ve never been a person to have a big group of close friends, and that’s always been ok with me. I’ve always been more interested with getting as deep into the relationships with the friends I’ve had.

At times I’ve wondered, did I get married to early in life? I mean both Lauren and I were so young and had so much learning and growing to do, not only as a couple, but as individuals as well. The truth is I could not have imagined living the last (almost) 5 years with anyone else. It has been the most amazing experience of my life. To watch her grow from woman, to now a mother is truly one of the greats stories God could have ever showed me. Don’t get me wrong, this relationship has been far from perfect. A night sleeping on the couch and a whole in the wall from a sweet potato will be the first to tell you that, but the though of one day (god willing of course) to look back over decades of trials, and victories as a couple is something excites me more and more each day when I wake up.

Then there’s my best friend, Mike. And I can’t believe that in the fall it will be going on 10 years of such an incredible friendship that has not only molded and shaped me into the man that people see today, but also after 10 years still has me feeling like the friendship is brand new. For so long I tried to walk this road to manhood on my own. Trying to figure out everything by myself. But it wasn’t until I let Mike walk this with me did I truly understand the meaning of friendship. When you find a person in your life, who at the first sight of gun fire, will dig you your fox hole and sit in it with you instead of running, you’ll know what its like to be friends with Mike McCaman.

But God didn’t stop there he blessed me with a second great roommate, a friend in Phil that I never really appreciated until this year. To watch a brother you love fight for such a raw spirituality, and respect you enough to seek you out to walk his journey with him, is a way to feel honor like I’ve never felt it before. To have a friend like Kyle, a friend you can go months without talking to. Not by choice, but by the circumstance of life, but knowing that if just given an hour running on a trail some where it will be as if you’ve hung out everyday.

To say I’ve made great friends is an understatement, but to keep growing relationships is what I’ve learned to keep cherishing. Whether is deepening a friendship many years after it started. Knowing that even though months and years go between visits, the bonds grow deeper. Or, allowing yourself to finally open up to new friends in your new home town. To grow relationship with a person that has been able to get on par with the other in only a fraction of the time.

A recent rough patch with a friend this last week opened my eyes to how important and powerful the ties of relationship are. And as hard as that rough patch was, there was nothing that set my heart free then the start of rebuilding it. Relationships are important. Most of us go through life meeting people here or there, but never allowing them to touch our lives for fear or rejection, pain, or being hurt. But nothing feels better then not giving up on a friendship, (ain’t that right BS).

“Each relationship between two persons is absolutely unique. That is why you can’t love two people the same. It simply is not possible. You love each differently because of who they are and the uniqueness that they draw out of you”

Lauren, your the love of my life and soul mate. No one else has the love I have for you

Mike, your my best friend, my twin brother. This journey we are on, I can’t walk with anyone but you.

Phil, you show me a strength in myself that only you can show me I have.

Kyle, your my running partner and a person that has an unmatched inspiration in my life.

Kris, your my BS and we’ve had it rough lately, but there’s no one else who can make me feel like a more beloved lil brother

Jesus, your what I strive for. And I’ve only made it this far because of you.


One Response to “Relationships”

  1. Keep running brother. Just remember you’re not running from something, but toward it. Keep your goals, relationships, friendships and marriage infront of you, and you will finish further ahead than you ever imagined. We all love you, we’re all praying for you, and we’re all learning right along side you.

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