Things You May Not Know About Me

-My favorite hobby is reading. I take a book with me where ever I go. My favorite authors are Mark Twain and Hemmingway

-I love to read poetry. My favorite poets are Walt Whitman, and old cowboys who would write by campfires during cattle drives.

-I love learning, and if I have to watch TV I’d rather watch the History or Discovery channel. I also set a goal for myself to read the entire Encyclopedia Britannica, from A-Z

-When I was a little kid I wanted to live as a Native American, and try once a week to convince my wife that we should live in a tee-pee

-I hate shoes, and wear them only when I have to. During the summer I stash a pair of flip flops in my back pocket and only put them on when I go into a public building.

-I’d love to be a writer, but still haven’t learned basic sentence structure (stupid commas and semi colons)

-If it wasn’t unhealthy, or could cause cancer , I would smoke a pipe. However, I plan to start later on in life once I don’t care about my health anymore.

-I love the smell of coffee. It’s hands down the greatest smell in the world. I hate the taste though.

-I have played competitive baseball and soccer at high levels. I am currently into long distance running and powerlifting. I just got interested in rock climbing, and I want to play rugby and compete in the Highland games.

-I am very interested in folk lore. Particularly American, German, Irish and Scottish folklore.

-Guinness Draft is the lightest beer I will drink. I hate wine and love whisky.


One Response to “Things You May Not Know About Me”

  1. You could be a writer, you just need a good editor :)…and right now I’m actually working on my second novel that is really heavy in irish and scottish folklore – lots of research in my future!

    – Em

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