Training Rules

For those of you who know me best know of my love for running and lifting. They are my two biggest passions outside of my family. All my life I’ve never really be a man who has been to into the “modern world” I have a cell phone, and I text a lot but only because all my best friends live out of state and I can’t just go over for a hangout. I never had a video game system growing up, and only have one now for the 2 weeks leading up to the college football season when I play NCAA football. Other then that it acts as my wife’s DVD player. I’d much rather sleep in a tent then a hotel and prefer country life to suburban life. And yes I do have a blog, but mostly its because I tend to lose every journal I have every owned and need a place where I can go back and see my training and thoughts. So I hope you kind of see my mindset and how my training plays into it. Basically, it allows me to live out a blue collar lifestyle, in a white collar world. So, I thought I would share with you my “Training Rules” (an idea I got from the man, the myth, the Legend himself…Jim Wendler). He used what he calls his training rules, to see if he is staying on true, and on track, to the reasons he is in the weight room each day. So I thought I would share mine.

Before I begin a training session, I ask myself two basic and simple questions…

1)Does this workout look AWESOME ! (Another thing I stole from Mr. Wendler)

If I can say yes to that questions I ask my self a second

2) Does this workout support my goals and rules.

Those goals are…

Is it making me stronger? Is it making me faster? Is it make me last longer? To do so does it fit these basic rules….

-At least 2 days of strength work a week. (Strength days focus on deadlift(trap bar and regular), squat (front and back), and press(overhead and bench)

-no more then 3 sets, and no more then 5 reps per set. (All I care about is strength. I want my body to be strong so it can handle the stress of running long races)

-conditioning at least once per week. With 85% of conditioning centered around bodyweight movements (squats, lunges, chinups, pullups, pushups, dips and handstand pushups)

-weight room workouts last no longer then 30 min. I want to get in and out. Strength is important but not as important as time with my family. The whole point of being strong is to be able to live life to the fullest, and that means my family.

-4 runs per week, 2 long runs every 3 weeks. Interval work done in under 30 mins. (See above reasons as to why).

-The whole point of my training is to allow me to focus on the things I love most in life. I love strength and endurance. So my training has to be 90% focused on that. I don’t have specific numbers as goals. I don’t want one discipline to take away from the other. I want to get as strong as possible, while getting my endurance as high as possible. These two disciplens by nature go against each other, but its what I love and I have yet to reach my max in both. So until then I keep trying to make gains.

-the last 10% of my training is a focus on “man-fittness“. Which to me is the ability to survive. I’ve always wanted to live in the mountains (and one day hope to) so I save a little bit of my training to focus on that. Rock climbing, weight ruck hikes are all things I enjoy and spend little time focusing on every now and then just to keep skills up.

So there you have it. The thought behind my madness. You probably don’t understand any of it. But I do and that’s all that matters.


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