So I have been laid up most of the month of May (one of my favorite months I might add) recovering form a surgery to remove a kidney stone that was much to big to pass. It hasn’t been the easiest time for me because I love sunshine and warm weather, which we have had plenty of, and I haven’t been able to go out and enjoy it. I also haven’t been able to do the daily things I do everyday that make other people think I’m a tad bit unstable in the head (2 hour long runs, pull-ups in a weighted vest, and deadlifts). But, the down time has given me a chance to really sit back and look at the things I do in a day and really evaluate if I actually like doing them. Sometime, for me anyway, you can get so use to routine that you can forget why you started doing the things you do in the first place. So, until Thursday at least, I simple get to spend time thinking about life and what I enjoy most out of it. I’m a simple man when it comes to many things, including my relationship with my best friend and savior Jesus and really try to follow one simple rule when it comes to life. That rule is simple to follow the advise of Augustine and “Love God and do as you please”.

So here are the things I realized help me do that. The little things in life that please me and allow me to better connect with my family, friends and savior.

Trail Running, Rock Climbing, hiking with my son and wife, reading, soccer, writing, working outside, walks with my wife, weight lifting, rugby, enjoy a cold beer.

Some of these things I still have been able to do this month, while others (the more physical in nature) have had to sit on the back burner while I remember the importance of a good recovery so I can in fact one day enjoy them again. Like I said, I’m a simple man, with simple pleasures, but have been blessed with more then I could have ever asked for in return.


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