Great Post From Johnny Pain

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. The skulls, witches, Dracula, Frankenstein, I’ve loved it ever since I was a kid.

Some of my best memories of growing up are of the excitement and preparation of my costume for Halloween as well as the actual night itself. The orange plastic pumpkins I filled with candy, fruit (from the lame families on the block), and the occasional king size Three Musketeers (from the Johnny Pain’s of that era), the cold fall air with the smell of burning leaves and fireplaces, I loved it all. I’ll never forget those times and I certainly wouldn’t want to.

It’s too easy now as a grown up (of sorts) to overlook the importance of holidays and special events. I have been guilty of this as much as anyone the last few years. As a father I realize that my three-year-old son is not at all interested in what I have going on in my life at the moment. Business, finances, relationships, my friends’ legal situations, none of these things mean much to my little boy. What does mean a lot to him at this age is dressing up in his costume (he’s going to be a hot dog this year) and hitting the streets of my neighborhood scaring the neighbors into giving him candy lest he bring evil doings to their home.

What a tradition, huh? Who wouldn’t like that?

This Monday night is a highlight of his year. For me it could be just another night, or I could really consume myself in doing what I can to make his memories of Halloween as great as mine are.

To all of the fathers out there, think of every special memory that you have from childhood and then think about what you could do that would give those gifts to your children. If you don’t have good memories to reflect on, think about how you can make it so that your kid(s) won’t have the same issue as adults.

Invest some of your time and energy this Halloween into a creating valuable memory that will compound over the years and immortalize you in the hearts and minds of your children.


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