Training 3/27-3/28

Tuesday 3/27/12
3 Mile Run
*Still feeling a little beat up and sore from really pushing the effort of Sundays run, so I just got out and loosened things up and just enjoyed the nice cool weather.
1×3 1×3 1×3
1×4 1×4 1×4
*no energy today. Got in, hit my required reps, got out. Ready for a deload.

Wednesday 3/28/12
Rest Day
*Lower back is beat up, stiff and sore. I’m read to deload next week. I’m switching back to 5/3/1 for the long haul. I’ve always followed Wendler’s principles and always seem to go back to him and 5/3/1. Well now I’m making the switch for good. And I’m looking forward to his regular deloads that are programmed in. I have a have a habit of skipping them if they aren’t programmed in the routine. Enough of being way SOV. Time to move NOV.


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