Training 3/29-3/30

Thursday 3/29/12
30:00 Run
*Woke up with the lower back still feeling tight, but after some stretching and a warmup it actually loosened up. I did push the pace and there was no real effort on this run, just wanted to test the back and get some bllod flowing. It didn’t feel to bad. Noticed it alittle the last 5 minutes or so, but nothing that hurt or caused pain.
15 Rounds NOT FOR TIME
5 Pullups
10 Pushups
15 Squats
*Back felt pretty good today, so after a long warmup I decided to just hit some bodyweight movements and let the back stretch out. It felt good, got the blood flowing and let me work on my range of motion with my back. Ready for a rest day tomorrow, long run Saturday, and hit it hard next week.  

Friday 3/30/31
Rest Day
*Back feels better and better each day. I’m hoping today’s rest day will and not touching weights until Monday or Wednesday will have the back feeling 100%. 


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