Training Recap 4/11-4/14

Wednesday 4/11/12
Rest Day
*Sore, tired and glad I had a rest day today. 

Thursday 4/12/12
5:00 Run/5:00 Walk
4:00 Run/4:00 Walk
3:00 Run/3:00 Walk
2:00 Run/2:00 Walk
1:00 Run/1:00 Walk
*Started out feeling tight and sore, but was able to negative split each round. Not where I would like to be with this, but I was very happy with how I felt afterwards, compared to how I felt to start. 
70%x3 80%x3 90%x3
65%x5 75%x5 85%x7
*Just felt out of it today. The deadlifts didn’t feel to bad, but the press felt horrible and week. This would normally be the point in training where the old me would change it up and try something different. But, I’m staying the course this time and taking the bad days with the good. Numbers wise it was a good day, body wise it was not. 

Friday 4/13/12
Rest Day

Saturday 4/14/12
1 hour 45 minute run
0-60mins keep heart rate between 150-155bpm. 60-90mins keep heart rate between 155-160bpm. 90-105min go as hard as you can.
*Used my heart rate monitor for the first time to try and keep me from using up to munch energy early in my run and to help work on building an aerobic base. I absolutely loved this run and will be incorporating the heart rate monitor more in my longer runs to help control my pace. 


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