Training Recap 4/18-4/19

Wednesday 4/18/12
30:00 Run
*Started out the same way I’ve started out all runs lately, feeling sore and tight. But, just like all runs lately, my legs loosen up, I find my grove and settle into a nice relaxing half hour stroll through the moonlit prairie path with its nice cool, crisp spring air.
10.9.8..3.2.1 reps NOT for time
Deadlift (50% training max)
Bench press (50% training max)
*Did not enjoy this workout, and not because it was tough, but because it wasn’t and I felt it a waste. I’m sticking to pure strength work and letting my running handle my conditioning
**I finally have a race I’m signed up for and am excited to be running my first ultra marathon. I will be running the Dances With Dirt 50K in Baraboo, WI. On July 14th. The next few weeks will be spent slowing increasing my long run mileage with full on race training starting Sunday, May 6th. I am both excited and nervous, but ready to step up to the challenge.

Thursday 4/19/12
Rest Day


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