Training Recap 4/20-4/23

Friday 4/20/12
3 Miles
3:00 Run
2:00 Walk
*Felt really good this morning and was able to hold a good pace and effort on each repeat.
75%x5 85%x3 95%x1
85%x5 90%x3 95%x1
*Felt very good this session, ready to deload my squat and reset my training max to work up to another PR 

Saturday 4/21/12
Rest Day
*Going to Wrigley for the Reds/Cubs game. 

Sunday 4/22/12
2 Hour Run
*Felt pretty solid during this run and over the next 2 months leading up to my race I hope to increase it by an hour each month. Meaning, I hope to be at 3 hours by the end of May and close to 4 hours by the end of June. Not sure if this is doable, but it’s what I have planned for right now.

Monday 4/23/12
Rest Day
*Feet are tender and the left hamstring is a tad sore, but overall I feel good and loose this morning, but I am defiantly looking forward to my rest day. 2 weeks out from full on race training.


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