The Journey To 30

Today marks a very important moment in my life. A moment that I have been working on for years, but it’s a moment that will go unnoticed by most of the world. Which is just fine by me. You see, I’m setting on the eve of my 29th birthday. Not real a milestone birthday to most, and really, if I’m to be honest, not even one to me. The moment that I’m referring to, however, will start the very second after the clock strikes midnight on the 29th of May and I begin my journey to that landmark number of 30. This post has nothing to do with my training log, and yet it has everything to do with my training. To people who go to the gym everyday to help live a healthier life, to try to lose those last five pounds, or lower your blood pressure, those people will not understand how the past 10 years of life can have nothing and everything to do with my training. But, to those few people, people who personally know me, or who I’ve never personally met, but have had such a huge impact on my philosophy on life and training, they will understand perfectly.

They will understand because this will be a moment that I will be able to start to look back over the last 10 years and see the mountains I’ve had to climb, all the times I have fallen down. But, most importantly I will be able to see how many times I stood back up. All the times I was able to look people in the eye who maybe didn’t quit understand me, understand why I do what I do, and say “I’ve lived MY life the past 10 years.” There has been many heartaches along the way. I’ve lost close friends in my life who I thought would always be there, and I’ve made new friends who have impacted my life in ways that I couldn’t even start to thank them for. I got married, lost jobs, became a father, felt like a failure and hit PR’s. I’ve crossed accomplishment off my check list, and I’ve add new goals to reach later in life. But for me, the biggest moment is knowing that as I continue to move forward I will reach that moment where I can say I’ve been at this training game for 10 years. To those that have influenced me 10 years isn’t even a dent on their training career, and I plan on it only being the beginning of mine. But, the reason it is so special to me is because I will be able to say to everyone who told me I wouldn’t last, to everyone one who said I would give up once “real life” started, I can say “you won’t define what my life will become”.

This is my way of saying thank you to everyone who has made an impact to my life over the last 10 years. To everyone who stood behind me along the way. To my beautiful wife, a woman who shows me daily what real strength is. A woman who has put up with all the miles, and injuries, who has understood the training and the sacrifice. To my son, who really taught me want manhood looked like. My parents for my drive, my dad for that first weight set at age 13. To Mike and Kyle for all the sleepless nights and miles we’ve ranĀ together. Phil and Mike for all our late night talks on life and manhood. Lauren, Mike and Kristi who trusted me enough to put their training in my hands, and looked to me as help and mentor in training. To guys like Dave Tate, Jim Wendler, Client Darden, who I’ve never had the pleasure to meet in person, but through their passion and writing have taught me to think for myself, and to develop a life philosophy that I will hold myself to not matter what. And finally to the critics, those who told me I’d never do it. Who told me I’d fail, thank you for being my fire.


One Response to “The Journey To 30”

  1. Congrats! The 30s are definitely a time to reflect more and reach out to others as well. Take it from a guy who is in his late 30s now. Welcome to the club.

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